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Past of Charles Bridge

Charles BridgeAmong the best known and famous gothic monuments is the oldest of all seventeen Prague bridges. (The oldest Czech bridge is in city named Písek). Prague has become a major crossing point on the European trade routes due to the influence of the bridge. The bridge over the Vltava River connects Staré Město with Malá Strana. Charles Bridge was built in place of the Romanesque Judith Bridge, which was destroyed in 1342 during a spring flood. Charles Bridge was named after the Czech King Charles IV., who had let built the bridge. The bridge was completed in 1402. (45 years from the start of construction) The legends of adding eggs to the mortar in the construction of Charles Bridge are likely to be based on the truth, as the analysis of samples from the bridge confirmed the presence of the protein, which is found in the eggs.


Charles Bridge

Sitting a short distance from the bridge

The bridge is littered with thirty Baroque statues by famous sculptors. Most of them are from the 18th century. In the 19th century there were used horse trams, which were later replaced by electric trams and buses. Since 1965, the bridge is used only by pedestrians. (Specifications of the bridge - It was built of sandstone blocks, bridge width is 9.5 meters and a length of about half a km, the bridge has 16 arches, during the construction of Charles Bridge were used stones of the Judith Bridge) How to get there? The nearest metro station from the bridge is Staroměstská - green A. And then it is just a short distance from the bridge.

Charles Bridge

On the bridge there are artists selling cartoon pictures of the bridge and portraits







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