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The mysterious beauty of Greenland

LedovceGreenland is the largest island in the world and is located on the border of the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Its territory consists of only rocks and ice. Life here is not easy, but local inhabitants and visitors here have the ability to sense cold and mysterious beauty of eternal winter.


Summer in Greenland

The magical beauty of floating icebergs excelling especially in August, when the polar sun shining 24 hours gives the nature and creates a special backdrop. The impossibly beautiful colors, you can admire the night Sun. Some areas are not covered by eternal ice, and during the short summer offer a colorful carpet of flowers on the small meadows.

Výletní plachetnice 

Cruise sailboat


In addition to the mysterious, icy mountains, you can watch the whales, visit Inuit settlements and taste local typical food, such as meat from seals or musk ox. The greatest peculiarity and unusual attractions for tourists is in the summer, year-round Sun.



barren earth with houses


Weather forecast in Greenland

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