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What you need to see in Brno

Foto, en.wikipedia.orgA popular symbol of the second largest city in the Czech Republic is the dragon. He guards Brno for centuries. He is placed in a passage in the Old Town Hall Tower.

Apart from the ogre, here you will find two castles and a variety of interesting places and objects. The main functionalist gem is  Villa Tugendhat, UNESCO monument.


Foto, en.wikipedia.org

Villa Tugendhat, a masterpiece of functionalist architecture, created in 1929-1930 to order the husband and wife Tugendhats.

Foto, en.wikipedia.org


The project, developed by the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is employed both modern technology and cutting-edge materials, especially steel, glass, precious wood and stone. The villa, inscribed in 2001 on UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage, cares Brno City Museum and made it available as a monument of modern architecture.

Whom you should know the history of Brno

Baron Franz Trenck (1711-1749) was a legendary commander of the Pandur Regiment, who at his own expense built and put into service Empress Maria Theresa. He was for insubordination and wild nature came into conflict with his superiors and the imperial court and he was eventually sentenced to life in prison at Spilberk. He belonged to the elite prisoners, so he avoided prison in the famous casemates. After his death, according to his wishes buried in the crypt of the Capuchin church, where his mummified body is still exposed in a glass coffin. 


Foto, en.wikipedia.org

    Freedom Square

Traveller pleasures of contemporary Brno

Brno is often presents itself as a city with both modern and historical faces, yet they blend together. Among the modern attractions include six meters tall clockwork on Freedom Square, which looks like a cartridge, contrary to the Middle Ages takes you into a labyrinth of medieval tunnels and cellars beneath the Green Market or even the largest ossuary in Europe. A great tourist destination of the Brno dam with large grassy beaches, a variety of sports and regular shipping service, which will take you to the castle Veveří example. In the city also hosts many cultural events throughout the year.


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