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Prague - the city of towers

The article is translated from the Czech original by google language tools

City of Prague is winning many flattering nicknames. Very often used are - hundred towers city under river Vltava. Indeed, when viewed from a lookout point, we see literally les towers and turrets. Towers decorated numerous sacred buildings, but also draw attention to important public buildings.

The skyline is also strongly applicable historic water tower, in the past is essential for the life of the city, as well as self-standing bell tower. Mostly corner towers are decorated with some palaces and town houses, especially in the Old and New Town, Lesser Town and Hradcany. Even in our time has contributed to the overall list of many industrial buildings architecture. We can note that the designation of hundred-spired Prague, is more than a historical issue. Prague's towers and turrets are in fact several thousand.

Worth a visit yet another city. Among the most popular tourist interesting cities include Český Krumlov, Kutna Hora, Karštejn etc.

How to get to/from the airport?

You can use either a taxi or public transportation or special line Airport Express. Taxi will not go into because it offers many and varied and I do not think most of you use taxi service. Interesting mode of transport is public transport. Just remind that if you have more luggage and to transport using public transport can be uncomfortable. Buses are plnék, especially in peak hours. The Airport Line runs 119 Dejvická metro station (line A, green). Journey time to the main railway station between the 35 - 60min depending on the current density of surface transportation in Prague. On this route should need one ticket for 26 CZK / 1 €. Another line, which runs the airport is line 100 from metro station (yellow) Zličín. If you travel at night, use the bus 510 (between 0.00 and 3.30) going from the airport to the tram loop at the Wild Šárka, then take tram 51, which will take you to the station Dejvická or further to the center (Namesti Republiky or Wenceslas Square). Stops on the ride stop: Terminal 1, East F and Terminal 2, east E.
Airport Express: This is a bus service operated by the EA in cooperation with Czech Railways and Czech airlines prague main station to station This service follows the departures and arrivals of all SC Pendolino, Eurocity high quality trains and Intercity. The bus service is applied tariff of 50 EUR (price for it is often part of the ticket or tickets). The fare includes any follow-up trip to the section Railway station Holesovice-Prague Main Railway Station, and if the passenger continues to Czech Railways trains from Central Station. Airport Express - Terminal North 1 - Terminal North 2 - Railway station Holesovice (metro line C change). Time is approximately 30 minutes.


At Prague International Airport directly to Terminal 1 and 2 are so-called short-term parking. There is free only 15 minutes. After this time is in Terminal 1 parking fee EUR 100, - CZK for every 30 minutes. At Terminal 2 is similar, but every 30 minutes is charged the amount of CZK 60. Parking can be paid in cash or by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) in self-service tills in both airport terminals or at the exit of the parking lot. If you wish to park at the airport long you can park at the parking D. This option is suitable for those who depart on holiday and want to park your car at the Prague airport as cheaply as possible. The new parking lot D capacity of 850 seats, which is intended for long-term parking, now pay £ 1 200. The two-week stand will come at 1 900 CZK. Also strengthened surveillance of car parks and this summer the cars in parking spaces C monitored. Parking Building D is located 10 minutes walk from the airport. Do you price high? Me a bit, yes, but it is true that some normal. Parking is more, such as parking on private parking lots near the airport, etc.

Restaurants and bars at the airport

     * Extract from the price list of fast food restaurants at the airport:
     * Cornetto ice cream 60 Kč
     * Tea 55 Kč
     * Wine, 2 dcl 95 Kč
     * Vienna sausage with mustard 60 Kč
     * Bavarian meatloaf, mustard, horseradish 80 Kč
     * Fried chicken leg 160 Kč
     * Sirloin in cream sauce with dumplings 180 Kč
     * Veal fillet 205 Kč

At the airport you will find fast food McDonalds and KFC. Neither the onset of fast-food chains did not decrease at the Prague airport prices for snacks. Conversely, some restaurants and bars are more expensive than last summer. In two ounce of water that you pay 115 CZK, 120 CZK for the coffee. Passenger interest in such price is not general. Prague Airport confirms that the price of food and drink is one of the most expensive in Europe. Therefore, I recommend that if you are hungry or something similarly-close to the Terminal 2 is a supermarket, where you can buy. There is also a chemist.

If you wish you can leave your luggage at the airport in the vault, the fee is 120 CZK per bag and 24 hours. The service is suitable if you plan to spend the night in Prague. Storage is open 24 hours a day. Phone: + 420 220 111 220th
At the airport you will also find ATMs and currency exchange.
At the end map of the airport itself:


Vložil/a: Daniel Česák 13.10.2009

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