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In Germany for hockey and monuments

KolínThe German city of Cologne and Mannheim will this year host the World Ice Hockey Championships. Early in May here attracts sports fans from around the world in the hope that their own team with him take 74th title World Champion. If hockey is not just tracking your favorite activity, do not despair. Both the city on the Rhine is a wide offer of cultural facilities and are ideal for shopping of all kinds. From Prague to the Rhine front fly low-cost airline Germanwings , plane tickets range from € 19.99. Sign up for free on our site , after a successful registration will go to your email timely notice of action slevy letenek Ticket.

Cologne shopping mile
Article in Czech here.

In the area around the former abbey of St. Martin, especially in the squares and Altermarkt Heumarkt, there since Roman times, busy commercial traffic. Pokud ovšem toužíte po něčem méně pitoreskním, než jsou úzké uličky a drobné butiky, navštivte novější část města. But if you're after something less picturesque than the narrow streets and small boutiques, visit the newer part of town. Nejpopulárnější bulváry jsou bezpochyby Hohe Strasse , první nákupní třída v celém Německu začínající na náměstí Wallrafplatz hned vedle Kolínské katedrály, a sousední Schildergasse. The most popular boulevards are undoubtedly Hohe Strasse, the first shopping street in Germany starting in the square next to Wallrafplatz Cologne Cathedral, and adjacent Schildergasse.

Neumarkt Passage certainly striking architectural design and interior lighting - under the roof of a glass archway you will find in addition to shops, cafes and restaurants, a mini-park and fountain. Demanding customers will surely come to his Passagen the Opera (opera section), where in addition to regular purchases pořídíte and golf clubs, a good lunch, or a new hairdo.

If you stand on the less formal purchases, be sure to visit one of the 38 markets cologne. The oldest of them is Buchforst where local walks every Wednesday and Saturday to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, clothes, fabrics and household items since 1938. Dellbrück market is again declared the delicate range: Here you will find pastas, pickles, cheese, olives and Italian specialties.

Dress shopping

An ideal starting point for shopping in Mannheim is a square Paradeplatz. Z něj vede pěší zóna Breite Strasse, která je jednou z nejpopulárnějších nákupních čtvrtí v celém Německu. From there, it leads Breite Strasse pedestrian area, which is one of the most popular shopping districts in Germany. Planken, táhnoucí se od radnice přes Paradeplatz až k vodárenské věži, je zase vyhlášenou ulicí k nákupu bot, oblečení a delikates. Planken, stretching from City Hall through Paradeplatz to the water tower, in turn, is renowned street to buy shoes, clothes and delicacies. Rovnobežné ulice Kunstrasse a Fressgass lemují výkladní skříně s exkluzivními šperky, koženým zbožím a čajem. Kunstrasse parallel streets and shop windows Fressgass lined with exclusive jewelry, leather goods and tea.

On the market square, opposite the historic Town Hall, grows every Saturday market selected delicacies. Seasonal organic products are regularly available in the market Kapuzinerplanken, next to the pedestrian zone. Once a month, then the square Neuer Messplatz place famous flea market (Krempelmarkt).

Transportation to the Cologne / Bonn

Cologne will take you to the airline example Gemanwings , one of the most successful low cost airlines in Europe. During 2008, at very affordable prices carried 8 million passengers. Germanwings currently linking 70 European destinations. Base airlines are strategically placed at five major German airports - Cologne / Bonn, Stuttgart, Berlin Schönefeld, Hamburg and Dortmund. Germanwings has a modern fleet, which consists of 27 Airbus A319 equipment. In the Czech Republic Germanwings flies from Prague to Cologne / Bonn and back seven days a week.

Cologne cultural

Right next 750 years old Gothic cathedral visitors surprised by the modern building of the Museum Ludwig Cologne. At the time of holding the championship there will be held an exhibition of Russian avantgardisty and founder Suprematism Kazimir Malevich. Another important cultural venue is Wallraf Richartzovo Museum - Corboudova Foundation, "Mother" Cologne museums. Besides the permanent exhibition of paintings charting the period from medieval to modern foundation has an extensive collection of Impressionists. Since the end of April will also be an exhibition of the three most important German landscape - Max Liebermann, Corinth and Max Lovisa Slevogta.

On the peninsula from a reconstruction of the former Rhine docks, was opened in 1993 Immhoff Stollwerck chocolate museum. Last year he received the prestigious award as the best site VirtualTourist.com chocolate museum in the world. Indeed, about this you in the past you could read in our article .

Culture of the Mannheim

Mannheim, Europe's second largest inland port, located at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar, although a much smaller than Cologne, culturally with him but at least keep pace. Annual Jazz Festival, the International Schiller Festival or Festival is just the tip of the iceberg of the local diverse cultural program.

The rarity of its kind in the local Museum of Industrial Technology, which maps the industrialization of Germany from the early 18 století až do dneška. century until today. Reiss Engelhorn Museum is among the leading cultural institutions throughout Germany. At more than 11 000 m2 represents over one million exhibits. Its components include the Museum of World Cultures, the Museum of armor, Schiller's house, ZEPHYR - space for photography, International Center for History of Art and Culture Center and archeometry. Art exhibition hall has more than one hundred years collecting contemporary art. Has an extensive collection of paintings and sculpture of the 19th. and 20 century. Significant works are mainly new realism by leading artists such as such as they were Arman, Yves Klein, Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely.

74. World Ice Hockey Championships

Lanxess aréna - ilustrační fotoIn addition to the Rhine, both culture and commerce of the city combines a prestigious sporting competition. This year's World Ice Hockey Championship kicks off a home game with the team on Friday, the U.S. 8th May 2010, in Mannheim. The medial to the winners of each group will compete on Sunday, the 23. May. Czech ice hockey team were drawn in Group C, along with Switzerland, Norway and France. It matches with opponents of the country's Gallic rooster starts in Sunday, the 9th May its operations for the tournament. Czechoslovakia was among the founders of the International Ice Hockey Association and the first championship in 1920 gained a Czech (and Slovak) players have 43 medals including 11 golds.

Assign the individuals into groups as follows:

Group A Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Kazakhstan
Group B Canada, Switzerland, Latvia, Italy
Group C Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, France
Group D Finland, USA, Germany, Denmark

Major championship venue, Laxness Cologne Arena is the largest and most modern multifunctional arena in Europe. Over an area of 83 700 m2, the grow up to 20 000 seats.

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